I’m a graphic designer with 14 years of experience in print design and production, branding, web design and development, information architecture and user interface design.


skills-clientsClient Relations

Always polite, punctual and receptive, I am committed to working with clients to accomplish their goals. It’s resulted in significant repeat business.


Although I’m self-employed, I know how to be an effective member of a team. I play well with others.

skills-pmProject Management

I’m usually working on several projects at a time, each of which has to be managed carefully. To make sure deadlines are met, I’ve developed excellent project management scheduling and skills.


Being an autodidact is a big advantage in the design field. I’ve taught myself to an expert level of knowledge in all the standard design apps and I’ve picked up a few unusual things like 3D rendering and Javascript. And if I don’t know it, just give me a day to figure it out.


Paper stock, process, spot, tri-tones, varnishes, foils, embossing, die-cuts, sewn sigs, hardcovers, softcovers, dustjackets, gatefolds and French folds. I’ve brought a variety of projects successfully through the printing process and found ways to accommodate even the strictest of budgets.


I’ve been writing clean HTML and CSS from scratch for 16 years. I keep abreast of the latest trends and advances, know both the WordPress and Expression Engine content management systems, and have a working knowledge of responsive design.


Is a passion and obsession. I take pride in my knowledge of the history and use of type and in sweating every typographic detail. And I’ll take on all competitors in The Font Game or Kern Type.


I have over ten years of experience working with professional photographers, providing art direction and management for various projects. I have extensive knowledge of digital and film photography and can edit, colour correct and retouch images.


I love getting back to paper and pencil to craft a unique visual for a project. But if time and budget are tight I find and customize a stock illustration so it’s a perfect fit.