Mental Illness Awareness Week

MIAW is a national awareness campaign that takes place annually and consists of two main events: a Champions of Mental Health awards gala that honors individuals and groups in the community who have made a positive impact on mental health issues, and an awareness week in which another gala features five Canadians who are living successfully with a mental illness. I am solely responsible for the development of the MIAW brand and its effective deployment across a broad range of media including web, social networking, signage, event promotions, advertising in national newspapers, magazines and metro transit services, and a yearly print campaign. I find and direct the work of photographers from across Canada, coordinating and managing the photo shoots used in the campaign. My art direction transformed the campaign from a dark look-and-feel focused on the specifics of mental illness to a bright and hopeful message featuring the stories of individuals living successfully with mental illness. As a result of my work, sponsorship and profile of the campaign increased dramatically.

Skills: Branding, Print
Client: Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health (CAMIMH)