I was hired by Redstar 18 to re-brand MSI, a multi-million dollar South American telecom infrastructure company. The brand’s visual language is based on the keywords “environmental tech,” which were established through company interviews and competitor and geographic research and summarized in a series of mood boards.


Excerpt from the brand guidebook I wrote, describing the meaning of the new MSI logo:

The new MSI icon is called “Open World” and represents the limitless possibilities of MSI’s future. Two ribbons twist and meet to form an open globe. The ribbons are made of both hard edges and curves, representing the technical edge MSI will maintain in its businesses as well as the flexibility to adapt and pursue new ventures. Each ribbon begins and ends where the other left off, signaling communication, connection and sustainability.

The globe is described as much by what is present as by what is not. The center is a blank canvas to be filled now and in the future by MSI’s capabilities and business savvy. This is not a fully mapped and explored world, but a new one to be charted and defined by MSI.

Blue and green are MSI’s colors. Blue connects the new logo to MSI’s existing logo and represents technology and “blue chip” reliability. Green represents sustainability and growth.

Skills: Branding
Client: Redstar 18